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Things I Need My Kids to Know

If I die tomorrow there are some things I need my kids to know.

Sounds heavy, but is true. I have so many things I want to teach my babes. Little nuggets of wisdom that have been passed on to me by my by wise family members and by mentors who were in a season ahead of me. Revelations given by the Holy Spirit which have shifted they way I do life that need to be shared and lessons I’ve learned from mistakes made.

One of my deepest desires for my kids, and for all people, is for them to fully experience the life God has for them. There is an abundant life that God has planned for them and for you (John 10:10) and I believe the “things I need them to know” will help point them to that life.

Thus, this blog series was created.

During this series of posts I will share my biggest convictions and core values as well as simple tips and corky pieces of advice that I want my kids to hear and practice. When they have a bad day or need to make a big decision I pray they come back to these posts.

Nothing is off limits, my friends. I will talk about faith as well as dance parties, because both are important. This isn’t meant to be a dramatic dissertation but more a proclamation of good things that I need my people to know.

I would be honored to share these things with you too! I do not pretend to have it all together or to know all the things. On the contrary, I am a life long learner. But I do believe that once we learn something that impacts our lives in a positive way that it is better to share that knowledge than to horde it. If something I write in this space can help you fully experience the abundant life God has for you then I am going to share. You are free to grab hold of the things that speak to you and dismiss those that do not.

Come back tomorrow to read the first post in this series which is all about calling people up!

What one thing would you want your tribe to know? Share with me in the comments below.

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