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Things I Need My Kids to Know: Call People Up

Welcome to the first post in this series entitled “Things I Need My Kids to Know Before I Die”. I know what you are thinking, “that is a strange topic for a blog series!”  Click here to learn the heart behind it and it won’t seem so crazy. 

Before I start I will say that these posts are not written in order of importance. Ordering them just seem too daunting for my brain. However, if I could only tell my kids one thing it would be this: love God and love people. The end!

But since I am not dying today I am able to tell them more, so I will start with this:

Call people up! Call out the gold in them. Speak life and destiny over them!

Words are powerful and what we hear starts to grow in our hearts. If we hear shaming statements such as “you are weak”, ” you are too much” or “you can’t do that” then we will begin to believe those lies. They will spread like a disease and cripple us. Those lies prevent us from walking out in our design and God given purpose.

We will not participate in that type of poison! Those voices are already loud enough in our world. Instead, let us be chain breakers and speak truth and potential over others.

Call them up!

This is what God did time and time again in the Bible. He would literally call people to their destiny by changing their names and calling them by their purposes. Come, on! Now that is good stuff.

He spoke hope and promise over a childless man by calling him Abraham, which literally means “father of a nation”. He did this way before his wife was ever pregnant. He called out the gold that was to come!

He declared position and authority over Peter when he proclaimed him “the rock” that God would build His church on. What a powerful word to speak over this man who would first deny Jesus three times before walking forward in this destiny as the rock!

Call people up!

How can you daily apply this? We often can see the gold in others that they can not see themselves. We simply have to speak that over them. Tell your husbands what you see in him. Proclaim the lovely you see in your kids.  Speak life and destiny over your friends and coworkers.

Here are some examples:
You are a leader.
You are such a giver.
You are a wise person.
You are creative.
You are a good friend.
You are kind.
You are brave.
You are a good listener.
You bring joy everywhere you go.
You are a risk taker.
You are a good writer, speaker, teacher…

It’s that simple. It’s not about vain flattery. It’s about calling out what you see in others that so easily gets lost in a world pointing out our faults and lack. Said in simple terms, since my babes are 7,6,and 5, just tell people what you like about them.

What a beautiful way to love people. Call out the gold. Call them up and watch them rise to that calling!

I am honored to end this post by sharing with you inspired words by some dear friends of mine. These are brave sisters who said “YES” to a writing challenge I am currently hosting. These ladies are writers, and bold risk takers who are doing this challenge even though fear and doubt may be telling them not to. They are putting themselves out there and sharing their words and hearts. Please take a moment to encourage them and CALL THEM UP by clicking a link below and reading their work. Your comments will make their day and spur them on in their call to writing.

Click on each name to read their blog post for this week’s challenge.






Lets be a tribe of people who call people up!

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