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Singles Can Adopt | The Adoption of Scarlet

In honor of National Adoption Month allow me to share another adoption story from our China trip back in July. Spur On Love traveled to China to photograph one particular family’s journey to meeting their son. While there, I was able to photograph other families meeting their children for the first time.  Each family who was present at Gotcha Day has a story to tell. We’ve shared a story about the adoption of an older child, about how advocating matters, and about adopting children with Down Syndrome. Today’s story is about a single mom adopting from China for the second time. It is a beautiful story of a mother’s journey to find her daughter.

Below Angela shares a bit of  her story about how she came to adopt her daughters from China and speaks on the waiting process that often comes with adoption.

” At age 32 found myself still single and no prospective husband in sight.  I found myself worrying that I may never have the opportunity to become a mother.   I was so happy when I learned that as single women I could adopt form China.  I am a hairdresser and one night had a late client walk in with a sleeping baby on her chest.  The lady had light blonde hair and the sleeping baby had a mop of black hair.  I did not think much until she started talking about her life before she met her baby and then after she met her baby.   Finally I asked her “Where did you get this baby?”   That is how I learned about adoption from China and that singles women could adopt.  It was a true miracle that the lady who I never met came in just before closing and shared her story of adoption with me.  The next day I called Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI).

I adopted my first daughter from China March 2011.  It was such a miracle to me to be given such a gift.  It is hard to put into words the feeling of meeting your daughter for the first time.  Let’s just say I had tears of joy. It was so surreal and such a true miracle.  This child was the perfect child for me.  Sometimes during the wait I questioned if it would really ever be my turn to be matched.  I also wondered what was taking so long. When I met my daughter Marianne I realized what had taken so long.  The main reason it took so long was she was not born yet.  It was like the angels made her just for me. Had I been matched earlier she would not have been my daughter.

Time passed and I was really enjoying being a parent.  China had discontinued the non special needs adoption program so I thought the chances of me becoming the mother to two were slim.  Then I heard China did not allow singles to adopt through their traditional program (non special needs) but there was a program called special focus that allowed singles to adopt.   The special focus children generally are older or have severe special needs.   I decided to go for the special focus program.  I filled out my medical check list form and waited.  I frankly thought perhaps there would not be a child for me as I was unable to check many of the medical conditions due to my financial resources.   After waiting one year I called my agency to tell them I was going to pull my file out as I was sure there would be no matches for me.  The lady on the other end of the line said “but I was just about to call you with a file for a little girl.” What are the odds?  She told me about the little girl she thought matched my medical check list and quickly sent over her file.  The moment I saw her little face I knew she was my second daughter.  I was concerned about some of the notes in her file but none the less moved forward and prepared my dossier as quickly as I could. I met my second daughter on July 28, 2014 in Zhengzhou China. She toddled into the room a little scared and I immediately bent down to pick her up.  I was now holding my second miracle. She was perfect in every way!  How could I be so lucky to now have two beautiful daughters? I can’t describe the rush of emotions one feels when holding their child for the first time. The only thing I can say is it is joy in its purest form.

I have been told that the Chinese believe things in life do not happen by chance.   They believe that there is a red thread connecting all those you are destined to meet in your life.  I do feel my daughters and I were pre destined to be together.  It is just too much of a miracle to be something that happened by chance. Out of all the children in the world I met my daughters. What a miracle!”

Does this story speak to you? Do you perhaps know someone who is single and wants to adoption? Do you want to advocate for orphans? Then please consider sharing this story. The more people who see these images and hear this story the larger impact we can have on making a difference in the lives of orphans.

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