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Gotcha Day: Bo’s Adoption Photography

Spur On Love traveled to China back in July to photograph our first project; Bo’s adoption. The mission of Spur On Love is to use photography to spur other’s on to love and good deeds. With this project we hope to encourage others to adopt and to take care of orphans. Want to know more about SOL? Click here.

The Christofferson family waited two years to meet Bo and make him a part of their family.  (You can read more about their decision to adopt Bo here.) Bo had waited six years. Six years of waiting to belong. Six years of waiting for parent’s who would love him unconditionally. Just as he is. Bo has Down Syndrome and for an orphan in China this usually means living an institutionalized lifestyle forever. There is so much fear and anxiety when it comes to adoption. Adding special needs to the unknown of adoption can be overwhelming and debilitating.  The Christofferson family struggled with this fear themselves, even though they have a biological son with Down Syndrome.  Despite the fear they just could not forget Bo once they saw his paperwork. He was on their mind and had captured their hearts. He was their son. The images below were taken on Bo’s Gotcha Day, Registration Day, and the portraits were taken four days later. It is amazing to see the transformation of Bo in just a few short days. He went from a timid stranger to a member of the family in hours. And a moment that is forever burned in my head is this: A few hours after Gotcha Day as Megan Christofferson was holding Bo in her arms she said these words, “What were we so afraid of? Fear is a funny, funny thing.” Her face was full of joy and love as she said these words and held her boy in her arms. Thankfully, she did not let fear cripple her.  Megan and her family decided to overcome it and say “yes” instead. And that “yes” has redeemed a life forever.

Want to know more about adoption from China? Click here to visit CCAI’S website, the agency that this family used.

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The images below are from Registration day, which is typically one day after Gotcha Day.

spur on love adoption project_bo_blog-21spur on love adoption project_bo_blog-22spur on love adoption project_bo_blog-22b

spur on love adoption project_bo_blog-25

Below are portraits taken four days after Gotch Day. The transformation in this little man’s spirit is quite evident.

Thank you for reading. To help advocate for orphans please share this post and these pictures. The more who see, the more who will be spurred on to take action. Together, we can make a difference one life at a time!

Keep spurring on love!

And if you want to partner with us to make more projects like this happen please consider donating by clicking here.

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  • March 8, 2017 - 12:37 am

    Robin - What beautiful images and what a beautiful ministry. I too am a professional photographer and we are pursing adoption in China. I hope we can have such beautiful photos to capture our bid day.ReplyCancel

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